Facilities On Site

Customer Toilets

Customer toilets can be found next to the Information Centre on Wall Street and there is level access through automatic doors. There are male and female toilets with pictorial signage. All toilet facilities are staffed by male and female attendants.

Please note as of 4 April 2022, the cost is 30p per visit and is payable at the barrier with Contactless payment*

Are there free disabled changing facilities at Liverpool ONE?

Yes, use of the accessible facilities are free. We have disabled access facilities located within the customer toilets. The facility includes a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench, a hoist system, space for the disabled person and up to two carers, a privacy curtain and a non-slip floor.  Sanitiser and full hand washing facilities are provided for customers to use for extra peace of mind.

What baby facilities are there at Liverpool ONE?

Baby change facilities are located within the facilities but separate to the main toilets. The facilities include static changing area, nappy bins and a non-slip floor. There is also an adult toilet available for parents and carers within this separate facility.

There is a private area available for breastfeeding with a privacy screen.

Sanitiser and hand washing facilities are provided for customers to use.

* During the height of the pandemic, Liverpool ONE took the decision to bear the cost and make the facility free to customers, enabling easy access to hand washing facilities.  Since the easing of restrictions, we felt it an acceptable time to reinstate the charge of 30p in order that we can continue to maintain the facility to the highest of standards. We aim to provide the best facilities for all our visitors; however, this is only made possible by asking those who choose to use the facility, to contribute a small charge of 30p, which is subsequently invested back into the facility – and is our intention in the longer term. We strive to ensure our facilities are appropriately staffed during retail opening hours, and are fully accessible for visitors with disabilities, and families with small children.