Keeping you safe

We continue to maintain the high standards that you have come to expect when visiting Liverpool ONE.

We endeavour to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our visitors and ask that you continue to Be Patient, Be Kind and Be Responsible. when visiting us. Take personal responsibility and be courteous to those around you.

Face coverings

Following latest Government guidance, face coverings are no longer mandatory inside stores from 27 January. We ask visitors to be courteous to those around them and we encourage you to wear a face mask in areas where you are in close proximity to others.

Hand sanitisation

We are maintaining all sanitisation points around the estate and many of our stores will do the same, please sanitise your hands regularly.


We will continue to sanitise our toilets, escalators, lift buttons, handrails and info pod touch screens every hour.

Additional information

  • Please do not visit Liverpool ONE if you are are unwell with any symptoms of Covid-19
  • We encourage all visitors to respect a safe distance between themselves and other visitors.
  • We encourage all visitors to wear face coverings in all areas when it is difficult to maintain a safe space between themselves and other people.
  • We encourage visitors not to lift share with anyone outside of their party
  • We ask visitors and staff working across Liverpool ONE to take personal responsibility for themselves and be courteous to those around them.

We will continue to follow Government guidance and together with our retailers, restaurants, bars and leisure venues, we will work to ensure all customers have a safe and enjoyable experience when visiting Liverpool ONE.