Liverpool ONE Brightens Blue Monday

Liverpool ONE Brightens up Blue Monday

A burst of vibrant colours filled Liverpool ONE today, turning Blue Monday (the so called ‘most depressing day of the year’) into a day of joy for visitors.

In an effort to put smiles on faces, Liverpool ONE visitors were treated to hundreds of free flowers beautifully made by local florist Mary Mary. Passers-by were encouraged to take the British Smith & Munson Tulips home or share them with a loved one.

To add to the atmosphere, John Lewis & Partners, Cosmo, Byron, The Body Shop, Tortilla, Mooboo, and Bean are giving away freebies and samples throughout the day.

Uplifting music can also be heard from speakers on Paradise Street throughout this week, hoping to put a spring in our visitors step!

We hope that we’ve been able to lift the spirits of those passing through or visiting Liverpool ONE.