Homotopia unveils mural at Liverpool ONE

Founded in 2003, Homotopia is a Liverpool based arts & social justice organisation making a cultural impact through art and activism.

Their aim is to support and platform local, national, and international LGBTQIA socially engaged artists and creatives.

Every November Homotopia present the Homotopia Festival, the UK’s longest running LGBTQIA arts and culture festival, which features a variety of LGBTQIA art and events across multiple venues and outdoor spaces in the city.

Liverpool ONE is proud to celebrate the amazing work of Homotopia with a large wall mural, which can be found on College Lane.

The artist is Leo Soph Welton created this piece of work using photographs taken by the photographer Michael Parry. It celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community in Liverpool and shows performers and people who have featured in previous Homotopia festivals. It is a call for us to find connection with each other and to be united in our dreams of a peaceful, happy and hopeful future for ourselves and those around us.

Leo is graphic designer and artist. They are non-binary trans masc. Leo works with various arts organisations, charities and individuals and has worked in and around Liverpool for over 20 years. They believe art and design can be a force for good and like to work with people that campaign for social justice and equality or who give voice to marginalised communities. 

Find out more about Homotopia here.