The Heritage Trail at Liverpool ONE Further Reading and Sources

Archival material held by Liverpool Record Office including: Liverpool street and trade directories, voters’ registers, Census returns, newspapers, air raid damage photographs and William Hutchinson tide tables.

Memorials of Liverpool by James A Picton

The Rise and Progress of Liverpool from 1551 to 1835 by James Tozeau

Pictorial Records of Ancient Liverpool by W G Herdman

Georgian Liverpool – a guide to the city 1797 Dr William Moss edited and additional material by David Brazendale

History of Liverpool 1773 by William Enfield

A General and Descriptive History of the Ancient and Present State of the Town of Liverpool 1795

Liverpool 800 by John Belchem

Liverpool Official Handbook 1912

Liverpool: Pesvner City Guide by Joseph Sharples

Liverpool: The Rise, Fall and Renaissance of a World-Class City by Ken Pye

Mersey: The Magazine of the Mersey Dock Board Staff’s Guild 1921-24. July 1921 – The Old Dock; a brief history (record office)

Mersey Mission to Seamen minutes of meetings (record office)

Annals of the Liverpool Stage From the Earliest Period to the Present Time by R J Broadbent

Black Liverpool by Ray Costello

Thomas Bentley 1730-80, of Liverpool, Etruria and London by Richard Bentley

HSLC: The American Chamber of Commerce for the Port of Liverpool 1801-1908 by W O Henderson February 1933

HSLC: The Port of Liverpool in the ’45 by Rupert C Jarvis November 1945

HSLC: Reliquiae of St Peter’s Church Liverpool by Henry Peet November 1922

HSLC: Court and Cellar Dwellings by I C Taylor 1970

HSLC: Early Liverpool Coaching by A H Arkle (1919/21)

A Sweet Centenary – Liverpolitan Magazine November 1934 (record office)

Catalogue or Guide to the Liverpool Museum of Anatomy 29 Paradise Street (record office)

Bombers Over Merseyside 1940-41

Liverpool ONE: Remaking a City Centre by David Littlefield,uk (for information on Liverpool’s role in the trade in enslaved people, sugar plantations, the American Civil War, Old Dock and maritime heritage including the Blue Funnel Line, cotton traders and trading rules, Pre-Raphaelites and Liverpool Academy, Captain Noel Chavasse and Herbert Howe) (UCL Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery) (The Slave Trade and Abolition, and Read the Signs) (old maps of Liverpool) (Commonwealth War Graves Commission) (Local Heroes – William Hutchinson) (Gareth Malone/Malakoff Music Hall) (Henry Tate) (Bling Bling Building) (Alfred Waterhouse)

And with grateful thanks to Liverpool Record Office, Dr Liz Stewart at National Museums Liverpool, Professor John Ashton, Jean-Francois Manicom at the International Slavery Museum, Freelance arts, culture and heritage writer Catherine Jones, Carl Kenneally and the team at the Liverpool Record Office and all the historians, heritage, cultural and tourism experts who have given their time and valuable feedback as part of this project. 

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