Small changes make big differences when shopping greener

Small changes make big differences when shopping greener

At Liverpool ONE, sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds. We know that it’s important to our restaurants and retailers, too, as more of us become aware of how crucial it is to be conscious of our impact on the environment. In fact, we’ve rounded up some of the best sustainable incentives our brands have to offer, just head to this pageMake sustainable choices when shopping at Liverpool ONE.

Making changes to daily habits can be tough, but it’s becoming more and more essential as the years go by. It’s easier, too, if we all work at it together. By making some gradual changes, we can make an excellent start to becoming greener.

  • Plan before you shop – As we’ve mentioned, loads of our brands have incentives to save a little bit of money when you shop if you take part in their waste-reducing or recycling schemes.

    All it takes it a bit of forward planning so you’re consciously taking part: for example, set aside 5 empty beauty products from John Lewis & Partners and get a £5 voucher through their Beautycycle scheme for My John Lewis members (and it’s free to sign up to that, too!).

    By having an idea of what you’re looking to buy before you leave the house, you’re more likely to be able to take advantage of offers. Arm yourself with your reusable coffee mug, too, and you’ll get discounts at our coffee shops! Find out more here – Make sustainable choices when shopping at Liverpool ONE.
  • BYOB – Bring your own bag – Who hasn’t got a drawer full of tote bags? Show them off by remembering to bring them out with you when you shop, and you’ll be carrying your goods round in bags that reflect your personal loves while also helping to reduce plastic waste.

    You’ll avoid that frustration when you get home of having a LOAD of plastic bags to get rid of, and if you treat yourself to a lovely large shopper, you’ll feel more organised too. Many of our brands will wrap your buys up in tissue paper to keep them pretty and perfect until you get home.

    If you don’t have one yet, you can buy tote bags from plenty of our stores.
  • Discover conscious brands – More often than ever before, we’re voting with our feet. At Liverpool ONE we’re full of brands you’d be proud to shop at due to their environmental credentials and their aims to create a greener future for the high street.
  • Buy instore – An act that’s beneficial to so many! When you buy instore rather than shopping online, you’re not only supporting Liverpool’s economy, jobs are created and retained, your city centre remains strong and families are supported.

    Plus, we know better than anyone, you just can’t beat a day out shopping! You’ll be able to view the goods you want to buy, making sure you choose the pieces you know you’ll love. You can try things on, check colours and make-up shades are right for you, and take advantage of expert advice from teams instore.

    Say goodbye to ordering three sizes of everything online just to have to wade through plastic wrappers, only to send them all back! (And starting a day of shopping with coffee and eggs benny, or finishing off with a burger and a cocktail, is an experience that’s unlikely to be as fun in your own kitchen!)
  • Vary the journey – Varying your transport is a great way to make a positive impact environmentally. While it’s great to have the convenience of travelling in the car (plus, the electric charge ports at Q-Park mean it’s easier than ever to make full use of your sustainable car choices). Our city centre location makes it extra easy if you’re planning to come in via bus, train or ferry. We are also well served locally and nationally, meaning it’s a breeze to use public transport for your shopping or dining trips into the city.

    If you are considering coming by bike, you can park it at one of Liverpool ONE’s bike parking spots, including a covered one within Q-Park below Chavasse Park.

So, with just a few small changes, and more conscious decisions, you’ll be supporting our common journey to be as sustainable as possible. For financial, environmental and ethical reasons, everyone can do their bit to increase the sustainability of our habits.

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