BePo x Liverpool ONE - Eurovision (26)2

First sustainable fashion catwalk with an Eurovision twist coming to Liverpool

Liverpool ONE, one of the UK’s premier shopping destinations, has today pledged its support to bring the first sustainable fashion catwalk to the city with an Eurovision twist.

Following the success of Eurovision earlier this year, Liverpool ONE has donated its flags and banners to the project and these will be used to create ecological messenger bags , headgear and clothing, including unisex outerwear and t-shirts. 

Partnering with Be Positive Taylored – a clothing brand which produces sustainable, low carbon footprint clothing and has a mission to destigmatise mental health – the catwalk will take place in Spring. Liverpool John Moores University is also backing the initiative. 

This partnership marks Liverpool’s first sustainable fashion catwalk and is a significant gesture of recognition for the people of Ukraine from this year’s Eurovision song contest as Ukraine was original host for 2023. 

“At LJMU, we strive to equip our graduates with the skills and mindset necessary to tackle the challenges of the fashion industry. Our collaboration with BEPO on a sustainable project using Eurovision surplus materials not only provides our students with the opportunity to mirror industry practices, but also encourages a professional approach to their studies.  

“Through this project, our Fashion Communication students are learning the skills to create a rolltop backpack while also developing techniques around ideation with a fashion brand, understanding brand elements like tone of voice, as well as styling, photography, video editing, and social media content. This is a fantastic opportunity for our first-year students to flex their creative muscles and become the next generation of conscious fashion communicators.”  

Marc Provins, Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University

The project will culminate in a catwalk show of all of the creations as part of a sustainability festival which will be held at Space Liverpool, Stanhope Street.  

“We are thrilled to be partnering with BEPO and Liverpool John Moores University for this exciting initiative. 

“Sustainable fashion is crucial in today’s world, and we are proud to be involved in an event which will showcase the creativity and talents of our community.”  

Donna Howitt, Liverpool ONE’s Place Strategy Director

“This project is a true collaboration between Liverpool ONE, BEPO, and the students at Liverpool John Moores University. 

“We are excited to showcase the beauty of sustainable fashion and honour the people of Ukraine through our work.”  

Ben Taylor, from BEPO

The messenger bags, clothing and other items created from Liverpool ONE’s flags and banners will not only be sustainable but will also serve as a testament to the power of community-led initiatives. 

The process will be documented from ideation through to creation and the designs will be professionally photographed with the hope of displaying them at the Tate/Walker galleries in the city.