Busking at Liverpool ONE

Liverpool is famous for its musical culture and heritage. Our city streets are today enlivened by buskers who create memorable experiences for all our visitors.

We currently have 11 busking locations in Liverpool ONE, for more details please see the Liverpool ONE Busking map. If you want to busk in Liverpool ONE, just follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Apply to be a registered busker in Liverpool ONE by completing the form below.

Step 2 – Liverpool ONE Team will be in touch to confirm if your application has been successful.

Step 3 – Once you are a registered busker in Liverpool ONE, book your location, date and time to perform by emailing busk@liverpool-one.com

Busk in Liverpool ONE

Busking locations in Liverpool ONE

Suitable for 1 person

  • Location 3 – Terrace opposite TGI Fridays. 
  • Location 4 – Upper South John Street. 
  • Location 5 – Wall Street by Auntie Anne’s – weekends only.
  • Location 7 – Keys Court entrance off Church Street, opposite L’Occitane. 
  • Location 8 – Peter’s Lane in the corner between Bravissimo and Ted Baker. 

Suitable for up to 2 people

  • Location 6 – Paradise Street by North face. 
  • Location 9 – College Lane near Waterstones. 
  • Location 10 – Top of College Lane by the flag pole. 

Suitable for up to 4 people

  • Location 1 – Custom House Place under the John Lewis canopy facing the Sugar House Steps. 
  • Location 2 – Thomas Steers Way at the side of the water pool near Bill’s. 
  • Location 11 – Paradise Street by Sailor’s Gates.

Download the map here.

Book your space to perform

Once you are a registered busker in Liverpool ONE, you can start booking our perfoming locations across Liverpool ONE. 


Keep in mind that amplification is not currently permitted anywhere in Liverpool ONE for busking. 

Please note that we do not have capacity for solo singers/songwriters with backing tracks. While we’re unable to offer you a busking license in Liverpool ONE, you might want to consider performing in a different area of the city centre. Please click here for more info.

Busking in Liverpool ONE

Apply to be a registered busker in Liverpool ONE

Before applying, please read the full performer Code of Conduct.

Please consult the latest Covid-19 regulations and ensure your performance can meet all the rules and guidance before applying:

Once you’ve consulted the above documents and regulations, simply fill in the form below or email busk@liverpool-one.com to apply to be a registered busker in Liverpool ONE.