The Heritage Trail at Liverpool ONE

The Heritage Trail at Liverpool ONE FAQ’s

1.     What is The Heritage Trail at Liverpool ONE?

A free, 16-stop, self-guided audio tour of the 42-acre Liverpool ONE estate. The full trail takes around 60-90 minutes to complete but feel free to drop in and out as you choose.

2.     Why did Liverpool ONE decide to do this?

Liverpool ONE prides itself on being far more than just a retail destination and recognises its responsibility as a custodian of this historical heart of the city.

A wealth of stories which are important both to Liverpool’s identity and development lie beneath the area’s modern streetscape, and Liverpool ONE wanted to uncover these stories and share them with its visitors.

3.     How did Liverpool ONE decide what to include?

The content of the finished trail was decided through a mixture of in-depth research and consultation with heritage experts, local historians, communities and members of the general public, carried out via a series of focus groups and one on one conversations and interviews.

The focus has been on bringing to life aspects of the 300 years of the area’s history, many of which may not previously have been widely known, and to draw them together in one compelling narrative.

4.     Where is The Heritage Trail at Liverpool ONE located?

It begins by the pools on Thomas Steers Way and finishes at Chavasse Park, taking in a total of 16 separate locations, with highlights including the Old Dock, Liverpool’s historic ‘Sailortown’, the Bluecoat – the oldest surviving building in the city centre, and Paradise Street.

5.     What can visitors learn and experience?

The trail helps to tell the story of Liverpool’s rise from a modest port in the Northwest of England to becoming one of the world’s most important mercantile metropolises, andhighlights some of the people who, and places which, were key to that growth.

It touches on the role Liverpool played in the trade in enslaved peoples as well as those who opposed slavery; the effects of Victorian philanthropy; the port’s history of immigration; its artistic and cultural life; the devastation of the Second World War and, finally, how Liverpool ONE was developed.

It also paints a picture of what life was like for those who lived and worked here over the course of three centuries.

6.     How do visitors access the trail?

An audio version is available through a dedicated Liverpool ONE MyONE app. Search ‘Liverpool ONE’ in the App Store or Play Store and download MyONE. 

Printed maps can be collected from the Information Centre in Wall Street.

7. Do I need an internet connection to use the audio trail on the app?

Yes, internet connection is required to play audio videos via the MyONE app. Liverpool ONE offers FREE Wi-Fi across the estate so please use when enjoying the trail. Please note that Wi-Fi may not work in some areas of the trail as they are just outside of the Liverpool ONE estate. 

8. Is the trail accessible?

Yes, the trail is fully-accessible. Some location points will need lift access. Please also make note that location point 4 – Cleveland Square, does have a lot of cobble stones so please take care in this area.

9.     Is there any wider reading/information available?

Yes, please refer to the Further Reading and Sources page on the website HERE

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