Harmony in Blossom artwork Liverpool ONE

Harmony in Blossom unveiled at Liverpool ONE for Lunar New Year Celebrations

Peter’s Lane has received an artistic makeover in time for the Lunar New Year celebrations.

A beautiful large wall mural takes over the entrance of Peter’s Lane, created by Liverpool ONE Culture Partner, Focal Studios.

The stunning artwork, ‘Harmony in Blossom’, is inspired by the rich tapestry of Chinese forestry landscapes. Designed for the Lunar New Year, it seamlessly integrates elements that evoke the spirit of new beginnings, prosperity, and the rejuvenation of nature.

The artwork employs a variety of illusionary techniques to ensure the scene extends beyond the two-dimensional surface of the printed walls. It incorporates ambiguous pathways and clearings within the imagery that allows viewers to imagine the continuation of the scene beyond the printed surface. This deliberate obscurity encourages diverse interpretations, inviting viewers to construct their own narratives and stories within the enchanting Chinese landscape. The forest floor extends into a sandstone pathway, allowing audiences to interact with the scene and take photos within the landscape.

The central theme of the artwork revolves around the symbolic significance of cherry
blossoms, heralding the arrival of spring and the promise of new life. Delicate branches adorned with these blossoms intertwine gracefully, forming a visual narrative that encapsulates the earth awakening after winter’s slumber.

Focal Studios are based in Start Yard, Birkenhead and specialise in creating immersive experiences, with tens of thousands of spectators across the country having experienced, discovered, and enjoyed our work.

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