Liverpool ONE Culture Partners

Liverpool is home to a vast array of cultural organisations ranging from its museums and galleries to its many theatres, performing arts organisations, heritage, community groups and of course, plentiful events and festivals.

At Liverpool ONE we recognise the importance of culture and the role it plays in bringing people together. Culture helps to foster a sense of pride, shared experiences and serves as a way for communication and expression.

Culture is expressed through music, art, fashion, sport, literature, language and other forms to convey experiences and emotions that are relatable to others. Culture allows people to celebrate, learn about others and brings significant positive impact to health and wellbeing.

Culture is at the heart of the visitor experience at Liverpool ONE

Art, Culture and Community Displays at Liverpool ONE

We believe by giving people the opportunity to explore, interact and understand different cultural experiences, encourages and promotes inclusiveness, discovery and positivity.

The sense of community that cultural experiences bring creates the togetherness and pride that we believe unites people and creates a togetherness that can be hard to find in an increasingly remote world.

We are proud to partner with many groups and organisations, hosting hundreds of performances and installations each and every year. These culture partners bring a uniqueness to the visitor experience and celebrate various aspects of culture, including, heritage, music, art, literature and different traditions.

What is a Culture Partner?

A Culture Partner is a group or organisation who is keen to promote and celebrate culture through display or performance at Liverpool ONE. 

Individuals or organisations who are keen to collaborate with Liverpool ONE would be selected based on a willingness to understand our aims and ambitions ‘to make our visitors smile’.

We foster a collaborative partnership based on mutual respect and a shared intention to positively contribute to the visitor experience whilst realising positive social impact, wellbeing and inclusion.

Culture Partners benefit from a step by step guidance on delivering activity in public spaces safely and effectively, the chance to display and perform in high footfall areas across Liverpool ONE and the benefit of in-house marketing and PR support.

It can be anything from displaying artworks in one of our designated areas in Liverpool ONE and hosting an exhibition here to branding our Tickle the Ivories pianos and doing a pop up performance at Liverpool ONE. 

We have established culture partners including Open Culture, National Museums Liverpool, LIPA, Liverpool Empire Theatre, and annual festivals such as Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, Writing on the Wall and Liverpool Biennial to name just a few. 

Particular highlights at Liverpool ONE have included:

  • Tickle the Ivories working with Open Culture and collaborating with great artists over a decade

  • Hosting ChessFest working with Chess in Schools and Communities

  • Reading Trees working with The Reader Organisation

  • Proms on the Park with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Eurovision, Pysanka Egg display 

  • Eurovision, community stage on the park working with LIPA Sixth Form, LIPA and Liverpool City College

How can you become a Culture Partner?

If you have a cultural project, event, festival or initiative which could benefit from being at Liverpool ONE get in touch on sending some information and the potential collaboration you would like to do with us. 

If you would like to host an event, busk, do a commercial promotion or collect for charity here at Liverpool ONE, please find further information on how to apply below.

We are on a journey working hard to have a positive impact on all our communities and the environment. Find out what else we do around our Commitments to Communities & People and the Environment as part of our ESG Work – ONE Community ONE Future.