Fragrance Profiling at Penhaligons

Downstairs, beneath the shop front, away from daylight and distractions, William Penhaligon submerged himself in what feels like another world. A world in which all the ills of the day have a remedy. He had at his fingertips the possibility to brew potions so powerful and remedies so revealing… Come into store to discover the new collection of Potions & Remedies.

Penhaligon’s Liverpool ONE is a place where keen noses come to have their curiosity satisfied. Simply answer a few questions and our obliging team will formulate a selection of fragrances that we believe will tickle your fancy. What’s more, after your profiling we’ll prepare two of your chosen fragrances for you to sample. Lovey! Prepare to have your fragrant fortune told.

Appointments cost £20 which is redeemable in store on the day of your appointment.