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Liverpool ONE launch ‘My Voice Matters’ poetry exhibition

Liverpool ONE have partnered with Place2Be to launch a poetry exhibition which gives visitors the chance to appreciate the creative expressions of the city’s young minds.

‘My Voice Matters’ opens today on World Poetry Day (Thursday 21st March), with exhibition panels along College Lane and Memorial Gardens at Liverpool ONE showcasing poems from children in years 4, 5 and 6 across the city.

Young people’s mental health charity Place2Be engaged with local schools and mental health representatives to ask children aged 8-11 to creatively express themselves through poetry by writing about topics that are important to them.

The poems were submitted through an open call which took place during Children’s Mental Health Week, 5th-11th February 2024, and focus on the theme ‘My Voice Matters’, with children expressing what mental wellbeing means to them.

Now, Liverpool ONE are amplifying the voices of the city’s children by displaying 16 of the submitted poems, offering visitors the chance to hear from local young people about what matters to them.

“Empowering our children and young people to be heard is key for their mental health and wellbeing. Partnering with Place2Be on ‘My Voice Matters’ is a brilliant demonstration ofLiverpool ONE’s commitment to supporting mental health initiatives in the community.

We encourage visitors to stop at College Lane and Memorial Gardens and read these wonderful poems and reflect on what matters to our city’s young people.”

Donna Howitt, Place Strategy Director, Liverpool ONE

Representatives from Place2Be have been actively engaging with schools across Liverpool City Region to encourage students to participate in this impactful project.

“Poetry is a way for children to express themselves and be creative with words in a way that communicates their feelings and emotions. As a society, hearing the voices of children is so important.

“So too is the work that Place2Be does in schools, supporting children and young people with their mental health. The poems displayed were written by children in Liverpool and they capture the spirit of Children’s Mental Health week which was centred on the theme “My Voice Matters”.

Laura David, Deputy Regional Director, Place2Be

“It’s been inspiring to witness the creativity and expression of the children’s poetry during Children’s Mental Health Week. Writing poetry can be such a powerful outlet for emotions and thoughts. The voices of the children do indeed matter, and it’s heartening to see them express themselves through such a meaningful medium.”

Lorna Wilson, Place2Be Mental Health Practitioner working with Windsor High School

The selected poems have been carefully curated by local poet Terry Caffrey, known for his impactful work as poet in residence at prestigious institutions.

“I am delighted to be a part of the curation of ‘My Voice Matters’ poetry exhibition.

“Through this initiative, children in years 4, 5, and 6 are given a platform to creatively express themselves on important themes during Children’s Mental Health Week. My contribution to this project exemplifies my passion for inspiring and uplifting the next generation of poets.”

Terry Caffrey, local poet

The exhibition panels will be unveiled on March 21, World Poetry Day, at College Lane and Memorial Gardens, and will run throughout spring.