Nature Trail

Nature Trail

Download our Nature Trail booklet, and get close to nature in the heart of the city.

Our Liverpool ONE Nature Trail is a self-guided tour, and offers kids aged 4 – 11 a chance to interact with Chavasse Park’s natural environment and learn about the flora and fauna that call the park home.

The Nature Trail is best enjoyed on a sunny day when Chavasse Park feels like an idyllic island paradise in the heart of the city. Young explorers can download an official Liverpool ONE Nature Trail leaflet to follow when they embark on their exciting adventure…

Click here to download our Nature Trail booklet.

Nature Trail route

The trail begins with a ‘warm-up’ on Thomas Steers Way – opposite the giant Sugar House Steps. From here, little explorers are encouraged to follow the Nature Trail map, ascending the stairs into Chavasse Park, before beginning their search for the Nature Trail signposts hidden in the undergrowth.

At each signpost, adventurers must undertake a task that involves investigating that area; perhaps they’ll be asked how many different bugs they can find, identify the species of trees from their leaves, or, investigate why lichen might grow on their bark!

The trail finishes back on Thomas Steers Way near our fountains.

Download the booklet to print off at home, or follow on a phone or iPad. Happy exploring!

Available from April until late Summer.

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