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Mental health boost across the region with Liverpool ONE Foundation grants

More than 4,500 young people across the Liverpool City Region are set to benefit from grants awarded this year by the Liverpool ONE Foundation.

Following last year’s huge achievement when the £3 million grant milestone was reached since its inception 15 years ago, this year, 10 organisations will receive £268,209 worth of funding.

The Liverpool ONE Foundation’s grants help to fund projects supporting young people’s mental health across Liverpool City Region, from nature-based mental health sessions and children’s activity hubs to peer mentoring projects and counselling services.

Among those chosen to receive funding this year is Next Chapter NW CIC, a Wirral-based organisation which delivers early intervention mental health programmes for young people and their parents through workshops, counselling and coaching sessions.

The full list of successful applicants from this year includes:

Pure Insight 1628 from Halton

Home Start Knowsley from Knowsley

The First Step from Knowsley

Growing Sudley CIC from Liverpool

Conquer Life CIC from Sefton

Shy Lowen from Sefton

VENUS from Sefton

Next Chapter NW CIC from Wirral

Open Door Charity from Wirral

UK Unplugged CIC from Wirral

Alongside the Liverpool ONE Foundation grants, five Greener Futures grants have been awarded totalling £22,000 to support organisations who are using a sustainable approach, with a positive impact on the environment, to support young people’s mental health. These grants offered continuation funding to groups who were successful in securing a Greener Futures grant in 2022, when it was launched by Grosvenor, so that they can continue their good work.

The Greener Futures fund the awarded organisations are:

Almost half a million young people have been supported through more than 430 grants during the last 15 years.

“The grant will allow Wirral children and families to access support at the earliest signs of need, particularly when facing mild to moderate mental health challenges that may otherwise go unaddressed. We extend our sincere gratitude to the Liverpool ONE Foundation for supporting our work. The impact this will have on numerous lives cannot be overstated.

“We have a particular focus on helping individuals and families understand their neuro-diversity, in order to navigate the journey ahead of them with greater acceptance, confidence and resilience. Our services encompass a wide array of support for mental wellness, health, and overall well-being, all delivered under one roof by a highly skilled and experienced team.

“The programme serves as a bridge between private and community support, offering a specialised and personalised approach to addressing mild to moderate mental health and well-being needs across the entire family unit, especially where other services may be inappropriate or inaccessible.

“We operate with a systemic approach aimed at fostering positive change, involving parents as integral part in their children’s journeys. Through equipping families with knowledge, skills, and resources, we strive to enhance overall health and well-being, positively influencing family life and the positive growth of future generations.”

Claire Owens from Next Chapter NW CIC

“Liverpool ONE’s commitment to supporting our region’s young people is at the heart of these Liverpool ONE Foundation grants which we’re pleased to see go to organisations right across the Liverpool City Region.

“This year, not only are we supporting the many organisations who work to support children’s mental health across the region, we are also awarding continuation funding to recipients of our Greener Futures Fund to enable them to have a positive impact on children’s wellbeing through nature led activities.”

Donna Howitt, Place Strategy Director for Liverpool ONE

“Organisations like Next Chapter NW CIC do such crucial work in the Liverpool City Region, helping to keep our young people happy, healthy and thriving.

“This year’s Liverpool ONE Foundation grants to youth organisations across the Liverpool City Region are a continuation of our investment in our city’s young people and their futures. We can’t wait to see the positive impact they have.”

Rae Brooke, Chief Executive of the Community Foundation for Merseyside