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Liverpool ONE Launches New Innovation Challenge

Liverpool ONE has reiterated its commitment to innovation and visitor engagement with the launch of its latest activation, ‘Liverpool ONE Innovation Challenge’, in collaboration with investment and innovation firm, True.

Searching for partners to undertake a paid proof of concept, Liverpool ONE Innovation Challenge aims to identify disruptive technologies and innovations that will drive visitor awareness, engagement and advocacy to the destination.

Always seeking to strengthen customer loyalty and enhance community engagement, Liverpool ONE is welcoming proposals that provide solutions to one, some or all components of the brief. Focusing on the three key themes of awareness, engagement and advocacy, example enablers include (but are not limited to), experiential retail, storytelling, gamification and community.

In the destination’s continual efforts to champion innovation and support entrepreneurship, Liverpool ONE and Grosvenor will be funding the partnership, providing an incredible opportunity for budding businesses, with the winning concept tested on-site and potential for full rollout and scalability across the estate.

The submission date for the Liverpool ONE Innovation Challenge has now closed, with successful applicants presenting their final proposition to a panel of Liverpool ONE and True stakeholders on 30 October.

“As a destination, Liverpool ONE never stands still but rather pioneers progression and embraces innovation. This, coupled with building visitors awareness and enhancing customer loyalty through engaging activations, is crucial to the success of Liverpool ONE and we’re delighted to be collaborating with True to help facilitate this competition. I’m excited and intrigued to see the creative solutions this challenge will bring and ultimately introduce one to the destination.”

Iain Finlayson, Estate Director, Liverpool ONE

“Collaborating with Liverpool ONE has been highly rewarding. We see 3,500+ businesses a year and have invested in 55+ businesses and consumer brands, so we know first-hand what these innovative start-ups’ new technologies and concepts can do to help drive visitor awareness, engagement and advocacy to Liverpool ONE. We can’t wait to see the applications & who will be selected for this great opportunity

Archie Mason, Innovation Director, True

This latest partnership with True follows an ongoing collaboration with Lone Design Club to create LDC Activates, a creative initiative that utilises the façade of the soon-to-be store, replacing traditional vinyls with tech-enabled windows using QR code surveys to capture customer sentiment. The technology provides a cost effective alternative to traditional hoardings that adds significant value to Liverpool ONE’s marketing and understanding of visitors.