Gordon Ramsay came to visit Liverpool ONE

We had a very exciting guest at Liverpool ONE this week as Gordon Ramsay paid Liverpool ONE a visit to check out his brand new restaurant Bread Street Kitchen & Bar!

As guests were enjoying Gordon’s famous dishes including Beef Wellington and rare-bread stakes, to their delight they received an additional treat as the main man himself arrived!

Speaking to The Liverpool Echo, Gordon expressed his love for the city, explaining why he chose Liverpool for his restaurant.

“Liverpool is a happy culture, but it’s almost like the ugly sister. The city has ever had the respect it deserves and it never gets a look in – it’s always about Manchester or Leeds.

“Liverpool is an amazing city and you just think of what’s going on now with the museums, the theatre, the waterfront, the football-there’s a lot going on.”

Despite growing up in Glasgow and Stratford-upon-Avon, Gordon can relate to Liverpudlians. He continued: “I’ve got a lot of Scouse friends – football players, artists and actors. I’m a passionate guy, not a southern snob, so I’m cut from the same cloth. Growing up and watching my mum work three jobs to put clothes on our back, and then sending us to school to get food stamps because we had no money – trust me, we’re not label slapping. I feel at home here in Liverpool.”

Liverpool Bread Street Kitchen & Bar is Gordon’s 35th restaurant and his second in England to open outside of London! He explained “This may be our 35th venue, but I treat each one as though it’s our first one. I did the tasting earlier today and it’s on par with London. Now I just want to see a little bit of Scouse on the menu!”

Now that is something I think we would all like to see!

You can read the full Liverpool Echo article HERE