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Hotel Chocolat at Liverpool ONE is utter chocolate heaven. If you have a sweet tooth or are shopping for someone who does, you’ll absolutely love this chocolate emporium.

You’ll find the Hotel Chocolat store at Liverpool ONE in the magnificent Peter’s Lane. Inside, there’s a breathtaking selection of chocolate treats and presents to choose from.

Luxury British chocolatier and cacao grower Hotel Chocolat is on a mission to make you happy, bringing you chocolate that is more exciting, more witty, more beautiful and – more importantly – made according to their mantra: ‘More Cacao, Less Sugar’. One of the world’s few chocolate makers to directly grow some of their own cacao, on their organic, eco-conscious Saint Lucian cacao farm, Hotel Chocolat connect sustainable cacao agriculture with the hedonism of top-quality chocolate – not just from bean to bar, but roots to wrapper.

“We are delighted to have brought Hotel Chocolat to Liverpool ONE,” says Peter Harris, Co-founder. “We’re fully stocked with an array of gifts, from hampers to cacao-infused tipples, all made according to our mantra, ‘More Cacao, Less Sugar’. Making our chocolate this way delivers a more satisfying cacao hit and a richer, deeper chocolate experience. You can taste it for yourself here – keep an eye out for one of our sampling trays. Every day they offer complimentary chocolates for our guests to taste, which change every month.”

One of the world’s few chocolate makers to grow their own cacao, on their Saint Lucian plantation, Hotel Chocolat connect sustainable cacao agriculture with the hedonism of top-quality chocolate, not just from bean to bar, but roots to wrapper.


Look to Hotel Chocolat for gifts from chocolate boxes to hampers via cacao-infused tipples, beauty and more. They’ve even created a barista-grade in-home drinking chocolate system, The Velvetiser, which melds real grated chocolate with your choice of dairy or plant-based milk to create a velvet-smooth hot chocolate, right from your kitchen.

Drinks & Ices

Let the door fall shut on the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Breathe in the heady scent of hot chocolate. You’ve stepped into your sanctuary: the cacao-fuelled pitstop that is the Drinks & Ices location at your Hotel Chocolat. Set down your shopping bags and sink into your seat, hands wrapped around a restorative drink, your choice of brownie, biscuit or other snack alongside.

Hotel Chocolat also serves the cacao-infused Ice Cream of the Gods. Made with Jersey milk and cream infused with Theobroma cacao nibs – direct translation ‘cacao, food of the gods’ – it’s no wonder it tastes so heavenly…

Ethics & Sustainability

100% of Hotel Chocolat’s cacao is Engaged Ethics. 100% of their packaging will be compostable, reusable or recyclable by 2021. In the meantime, bring your flexible plastic wrappers, rigid plastic trays and Velvetiser single-serve packets to this Hotel Chocolat. They’ll put them through their own responsible recycling system. They’ll take plastics from other brands too – making it easier for all of us to do our bit.