Black Sheep Coffee Feature

Black Sheep Coffee has arrived!

Speciality coffee chain, Black Sheep Coffee has now opened in Liverpool ONE.

The store will feature the brand’s iconic café menu by day, offering a signature range of 100% specialty grade Robusta beans, Norwegian waffles, smoothies, shakes and light bites.  By night it will transform into a cocktail bar, serving up Espresso Martinis, craft beer, wine, sourdough pizza and free popcorn.

The store will feature Black Sheep’s “Free Coffee Board” aimed at fighting social exclusion – customers will be able to donate their loyalty rewards to the Free Coffee Board or purchase a drink voucher at a discounted price to be pinned on the board. Anyone who cannot afford coffee can redeem the rewards or vouchers for any hot drink of their choice.

Black Sheep will also forgoe single-use plastics as part of its commitment to sustainability.

Find the new venue on Paradise Place nestled between Utility and Pret A Manger.