Zombies Unleashed – How It Works

Zombies Unleashed - How It Works

Download the Zombies Unleashed the App Store or Google Play.

You’ll start with one zombie, The Chauffeur – he will be in the Crypt.

Visit Liverpool ONE to capture seven others, they’re hiding around every street corner.

Locate the Zombie marker at Liverpool ONE, scan it with your phone and the Zombie will be released – be careful, they will try to attack you! Use your laser beam to capture the Zombie by focussing the beam on him for several seconds – this will lock him in the Crypt with the Chauffer. From here, you can access their Playground. Place the Zombie on the ground, tap on the Zombie and he will perform a random animation. Each Zombie has their own signature moves – including their own dance moves! Who knew Zombies liked to act so silly?

Be warned – if the Zombie gets you before you manage to lock him in the Crypt, he will damage your health. If your health reaches zero, you’ll be taken back to the Map screen and will need to locate an energy boost to gain your strength back.

Energy boost

There are Energy Boost markers located around Liverpool ONE. You’ll find these markers in some of our store windows – these are listed below. Scan the marker with your phone to give yourself a boost. You’ll see your health improve in the bar along the bottom of the App screen.

Zombie Mayhem (AR)

Head to Chavasse Park and find the Zombie Mayhem markers (just outside of Aether). Scan the marker and you’ll be transported to a long-stretched corridor, where an endless wave of Zombies will come towards you – they’re fast and they’re trying to attack you!! Fire your laser blast towards them – with every successful hit you’ll earn points, so the longer you last (before they get you) the better as this is how you’ll make your way on to the leader board.

Zombie Mayhem (VR)

Head to Paradise Place and find the Zombie Mayhem markers (just outside of John Lewis & Partners opposite Utility). Scan the marker and you’ll be transported to an underground car park, the gameplay is the same as the AR version, but this time with every hit you’ll lower their health until the undead, aren’t ‘un’dead anymore and you win!

Fun Scare Zones

As you hunt Zombies across Liverpool ONE you may stumble across one of four Scare Zones. Scan these markers for a jump! But don’t worry – they are just a bit of fun and add to the experience. Keep an eye out on our social media for clues as to where these can be found – or use the map within the App.

Liverbird Help

No hunt in Liverpool would be complete without a little help from the city’s iconic Liverbird. The Liverbird will appear within the App to explain how everything works if needed. You’ll also find within the App instructional video’s to help explain further if required.

For more information, see the Liverbird within the app or take a look at our FAQs.

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