The Liverpool ONE Beehives

The Liverpool ONE Beehives

Thursday 20 May 2021

The Liverpool ONE Beehives

Did you know that Liverpool ONE is home to over 160,000 bees?

Honey bees play a vital role in our eco-system by pollinating flowering plants, trees and crops. They thrive in urban environments among plants and flowers, in gardens and on roads, and on disused pieces of land.

As part of our commitment to green initiatives in an urban environment , we joined forces with horticultural experts, Nurture, and John, Master Beekeeper at Nurture in 2019, and installed two beehives on the roof above Barclays, overlooking Lord Street in the city centre.

In addition to the rooftop beehives, our special ‘bug hotels’ have been built in Chavasse Park where twelve species of insects live. These have provided a place where insects can shelter or hibernate during winter and sometimes bugs will use them to hide from predators!

Both initiatives nurture biodiversity in our local environment and are part of our ongoing commitment to Liverpool ONE becoming greener. Beekeeper John was so inspired by our green initiatives and our effort in taking practical measures to protect pollinators and was eager to get involved from the beginning.

Our first batch of honey

Our two hives house one queen and approximately 160,000 worker bees and have been with us here at Liverpool ONE for two years. In that time, our bees have been working hard and produced over 80 jars of honey!

We are looking for a deserving school and its pupils to come forward and receive lots of jars of this honey which have been harvested right here at Liverpool ONE .

We are delighted to have produced our first batch of honey and we cannot wait for your school to try it! The chosen school will also be treated to a “Bee-keeping and honey-harvesting” session by bee-keeper, John Beavan.

If you would like to nominate your school, please click here to find out how.

Want to see Master Beekeeper John in action? Click here 

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