Kids menus and family dining

Kids menus and family dining

Liverpool ONE has tons of places suitable for dining with kids.

From kids’ menus to entertaining activities, our restaurants have everything to keep every little diner happy. Lunya on Hanover Street is a Catalonian restaurant and bar that offers an extensive kids’ menu, meaning it’s easy to find something your little ones will love. It’s also breastfeeding friendly and offers a free drink to any nursing mother.

Las Iguanas on The Terrace offer kids everything from Whacky Tacos to crunchy Cod Bites, as well as one of their free collectable toys! Kids will love Iggy and his fun friends. For value for money, go to Pizza Express on The Terrace. For just £7.25, kids can enjoy 3 courses: baked dough balls and side salad, pizza, pasta or salad, dessert and Bambinoccino! Another great option is GBK on The Terrace.  As well as being both fresh and filling, they offer kids a number of fun puzzles to keep them occupied, so you don’t have to worry about entertaining them while you wait for your food!

There are loads of amazing restaurants in Liverpool ONE that cater to kids, so there’s no need to worry about where to go next time you’re planning a trip out!

If you’re visiting Liverpool ONE with children, you might need a little extra info. Click here to find out more.

Here’s some ideas for kid-friendly menus:

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