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Zombies Unleashed

Download Zombies Unleashed on the App Store or Google Play and visit Liverpool ONE to join the hunt.




Zombies have been unleashed and have taken over Liverpool ONE. Hunt, capture and battle the undead in a bid to save yourselves. They’re hidden on every street corner. They died in unfortunate circumstances, and now… they’re coming for you…!

There’s eight to capture. Find them, lock them in the crypt, battle them, take selfies with them and even make them dance.

Download Zombies Unleashed now… if you dare!



With over 3,000 spaces, there's no need to worry about parking! Plus save up to 40% when you pre-book.

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Plan your visit here and join in the fun! We’re located near the waterfront and easily accessible by a variety of travel links.

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Zombie hunting works up an appetite, check out the best places to dine and unwind after a hard day's slaying.

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Ghoulish Gallery


Experienced Zombies Unleashed yet? Share your selfies with us to be featured on our ghoulish gallery!





Meet the zombies and learn their gruesome stories!

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Meet the Zombies

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