Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility

Website accessibility
It’s our aim to ensure www.liverpool-one.com is informative, helpful and straight-forward to use. If you are having any problems with the site, or would like to make any suggestions please contact us.

Browser compatibility
The Liverpool ONE website has been designed to work in the majority of modern browsers. Unfortunately, we can’t offer support for older legacy browsers. If you are using an old browser, we will let you know about any issues that may occur and will advise you on where you can download free updates.

All the images used on the Liverpool ONE website have suitable descriptive texts unless they are being used for decoration.

The Liverpool ONE website uses Javascript, however functionality of the website shouldn’t be affected when Javascript is disabled.
Where the lack of scripting support will cause an issue, an alternative navigation or access method will be provided.

Standards compliance
The pages on the Liverpool ONE website have been built to meet the guidelines below:

XHTML 1.0 Transitional
WCAG 1.0 Priority Level 2
You do not need to accept cookies to access most of the information on the Liverpool ONE website. However, you will need to allow cookies to be used if you wish to log in and use the personalised features on the Liverpool ONE website.

We use cookies on this website to give you the most relevant experience. More information can be found in here.