Way we Work

Way we Work

We understand our success relies on people, both who we employ and who we work in partnership with. We seek to offer our team the opportunity to learn new skills and gain the knowledge they need to excel at their role.

We strive to achieve excellence in all we do, as an employer, a supplier and a business partner. We are also acutely aware that we have a responsibility to work with city and community partners to achieve more and maximise our positive community impact.


City Stars

Liverpool ONE works in partnership with Liverpool City Council to manage the City Stars programme: a group of dedicated volunteers who support the city’s growing visitor economy. Click here  for more information about volunteering with the City Stars..

Autism Awareness

 As one of ten inaugural businesses to have signed the city’s Autism Charter, we’re making a public commitment to train customer-facing team members in autism awareness.

Over 50 Liverpool ONE team members have had training to help them understand how people with autism might see the world differently and the challenges they face when shopping. Our training, delivered by Autism Adventures and Autism Together, asked team members to be mindful of how they communicate and offered advice about approaching someone who appears to be distressed or having a meltdown. We will continue to work with Autism Together and Autism Adventures to increase autism awareness amongst our stores, team and customers.

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