Victoria's Secret - Liverpool ONE

Sales Associate Vacancy at Victoria’s Secret

The Sales Associate drives sales growth by personally selling deep and across all product categories and delivering emotionally engaging customer experiences – consistent with the brand vision.

Key Responsibilities:

• Drives sales and growth by personally selling to customers

• Connecting with multiple customers

• Proactively engages with customers, reads cues and responds effectively

• Creates a memorable connection by asking effective questions to identify customer needs and make additional product recommendations

• Uses confident selling statements and is effective at overcoming customer objections

• Provides customers with the perfect bra fit by asking effective questions, taking a measurement, or conducting a fitting

• Displays expert product knowledge and takes initiative where needed

• Participates in sales goal setting with manager and tracks individual performance towards the goal

• Delivers a friendly and efficient customer experience

All roles at Victoria’s Secret are responsible for:


• Exhibits an authentic desire to exceed the customers’ expectations • Persuasive, builds enthusiasm, and inspires the customer to buy

• Proven ability to meet or exceed sales goals preferred

• Demonstrates a sense of urgency

• Has a healthy, competitive spirit, while maintaining a team focus

• Is resilient and bounces back quickly from setbacks

• Pursues opportunities to take on more responsibility

• Seeks out coaching from leaders and peers to improve productivity; leads own learning

• Schedule flexibility that includes evenings, weekends, holidays, and non-business hours