Dinosaurs Unleashed

Join our
Jurassic Adventure!

Spring has arrived and Liverpool ONE has a series of FREE roar-some events for all the family to enjoy. Join us to be transported back millions of years – using the latest technology – as we chase Raptors, follow Triceratops, look overhead for Pteranodons and, of course, hide from the mighty T-Rex.

Download ‘Discover at Liverpool ONE’ from the App Store or Google Play to unleash a dinosaur-filled adventure like no other. Bring the experience to life when you visit Liverpool ONE and collect points as you hatch dinosaurs from giant eggs within Liverpool ONE. Visit the feeding stations, Battle Arena and educational fact stops!

Hatch your new prehistoric friends and watch their happiness levels grow as you feed and exercise them via a range of special augmented reality features. Have fun posing for plenty of roar-some selfies to share them with your friends.

Download the 'Discover at Liverpool ONE' App from the App Store or Google Play.

In addition to the interactive game, ‘Chavassic’ Park has been transformed to provide the ultimate selfie spot for the dino loving youngsters in your family. Don’t miss the real-life Park Rangers on hand armed with lots of fun facts to help your family get the most out of your day out together. Sign up to our newsletter to be amongst the first to hear about more surprises popping up around Liverpool ONE during the 10-week “invasion.”

Discover a forgotten land

Watch our App in action!

Enjoy a family day out at Liverpool ONE this spring. We’ve all the services to make your visit as easy as possible, including car parking and easy-to-follow store maps and child safe shopping.

Liverpool ONE


With over 3,000 spaces located across three sites, you've no need to worry about parking! Plus save up to 40% when you pre-book your parking with Q-Park.

Getting Here

Plan your visit here and join in the fun this Spring! We’re located, right by the waterfront, and is easily accessible by a variety of travel links.

Visiting with Children

From child safe shopping, to baby changing facilities and pram hire; we’ve got everything to make your visit enjoyable.

Once you’ve fed and exercised your dinosaurs, get ready for battle!
When you visit this Spring, be sure to head up to Chavassic Park, find the Battle Arena and climb the leaderboard, Plus don’t forget to take the ultimate selfie and share it with us using #DinosaursUnleashed


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