Meet Faye, Business Performance

Meet Faye, Business Performance

Meet Faye, who works within the management suite at Liverpool ONE. Find out about her journey from Apprentice to Business Performance Executive in under 2 years.

I have worked for Liverpool ONE for almost 2 years now and I absolutely love it. I started as a Customer Service Apprentice, working in the Information Centre.

I learnt so much, met so many different people each day from all around the world, and my confidence grew massively. After I completed my Apprenticeship, a job within the Business Performance Team came up, and I knew I would absolutely love it.

My favourite thing about my job now (apart from my team) is probably how different each day is. I speak with so many different Occupiers each day, and no request is ever the same. You never know what is going to get thrown your way and I love that. I may have days where I barely sit at my desk and I may have days where I don’t leave it.

There are so many opportunities here at Liverpool ONE. I have completed multiple training courses whilst I have worked here, volunteered in the community on various occasions, and always get the chance to try something completely out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait to grow and progress even more working here at Liverpool ONE.

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