Pizza Hut Restaurants

Pizza Hut Restaurants

We are passionate about pizza and about serving our guests. Pizza Hut Restaurants lovingly develop pizzas based on what our guests tell us they want…a range of bases – from deep pan, to the All American thin to our skinny 600 calorie pizzas. All topped with fresh toppings. Pair that with the fresh free unlimited salad, the unlimited drinks and unlimited Ice Cream – it’s just, well, heaven. That’s not all: we’ve changed. A lot. We’re still the life and soul of pizza – we aren’t changing that – but we’ve added a proper lively dose of pizzazz. We’ve got a brand new look, and loads of new food on the menu – you should come and have a look (and a nibble, a drink, and a really good time). So grab your taste buddies and let’s hustle!


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Pizza Hut

Unit P3R Block
13 Paradise St
L1 8JF

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