Car Valeting

Car Valeting at Q-Park

Have your car cleaned while you shop.

Planning a day here this weekend? Or just dropping by to meet up with friends for a bite to eat? Stop off at the car valeting in Q Park Liverpool ONE and have your car cleaned while you shop and dine. Visit Q Park on Strand Street and follow the signs to the Capital Auto Wash valeting area to book in. They specialise in complete car cleaning solutions, so you can just have the exterior washed or have the complete executive valet, with a three stage body polish. Either way, you can return at your leisure to a professionally cleaned car, and you’ll be driving away with it looking as good as new.

Please note that while Q Park Liverpool ONE can be accessed 24 hours a day, Capital Auto Wash only operate during certain hours in the day. Please speak to a team member at the valeting area for more information on their operating hours.

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