Sustainable environment

Sustainable environment

Our environmental initiatives focus on responsible environmental managment encouraging us to reuse, recycle and change our behaviour to reduce our consumption of nature resources.

They aim to enhance the sustainability of our business, the well-being of our community and the overall environmental impact of our city-region.

ONE Community Success Stories

Liverpool ONE’s environmental policy outlines our approach to sustainable environmental practices. It includes a commitment to efficiently use natural resources; nurture our green spaces; divert waste from landfill; reduce noise pollution; purchase sustainable product and materials, and raise awareness of environmental issues and sustainable best practices amongst our team, retailers, suppliers and customers.

ONE Community’s role is to support and communicate our environmental policy by highlighting our sustainability successes and case studies. It also encompasses our efforts to build community partnerships that ensure we reuse and recycle items more efficiently. By working with our community to be more sustainable, we’ll help to build a healthy and happy city that can look forward to a more environmentally sustainable future.

We recognise that our business can make an important contribution to sustainability within the city. We therefore look forward to keeping you up to date with our environmental practices and achievements.


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