Education & employability

By volunteering their time, our team share their experience and knowledge to help young people build skills, confidence and their employment aspirations.

Our team volunteer at mock interviews, welcome work placements, deliver Liverpool ONE’s ‘Hidden Careers’ workshops and educational tours. This gives our team a chance to develop their skills whilst helping young people enhance their career prospects.

Success Stories

Improving the employability of our team and community is at the heart of ONE Community.

Many young people we work with have no idea about the variety of roles within our team.  For some, when they think of Liverpool ONE, they think of our retailers, but don’t consider the 150 strong team – often hidden behind the scenes – that keeps Liverpool ONE clean, safe and secure.

The opportunity to discuss our ‘Hidden Careers’ leads to questions about how we recruit, run our business, and what it’s like to work at Liverpool ONE. Given this interest, we’ve worked hard over the last few years to establish a partnership with Everton in the Community that makes this possible.

Through our partnership, young people taking place in Working Futures, one of Everton in the Community’s employability programmes, have an opportunity to undertake a work placement within our team. During their time with us they work with a mentor and gain first hand experience of how our business operates, how we support our customers, and how we work together to create a world-class experience for our visitors.  Our team, as volunteers, benefit from working with the young people as they can share their knowledge and passion with the young people their mentoring.

Our community partnerships with Everton in the Community and participation in Liverpool Compact’s mock interview initiative, helps us focus on the employability initiatives that deliver more for young people and our team. With our partner’s expertise and support some brilliant stories and successes have emerged. Find out more about our how we are improving local employability.

Work placements

Our ongoing collaboration with Everton in the Community, means that we predominantly welcome young people who are taking part in their Working Futures programme for work placements. Due to this ongoing commitment, we, as Liverpool ONE’s management company, are currently unable to offer additional placements outside of this partnership.

Educational tours

As one of the best urban regeneration case studies in the UK, students are as keen as ever to hear about Liverpool ONE’s development and the impact we’ve had in the region.  Click here to find out more about guided tours and information about how to book.

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