Educational tours

Educational tours

In 2018, 1,080 students from schools, colleges and universities across the UK and Europe visited Liverpool ONE for an educational tour.

Our tours are delivered by the Liverpool ONE team and aim to give your students an insights into past, present and future of the 43sq acres upon which Liverpool ONE is built.


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Educational tours touch on a variety of topics and our team will be happy to answer any questions you students may have.

Topics covered in the tour include: the history of the area upon which Liverpool ONE’s built, the social and economic factors that led to Liverpool ONE’s development, Liverpool ONE as a driver of regeneration and city rebranding, and how we, as Liverpool ONE’s management company, provide the best experience in the UK for our visitors, retailers, team and community.

If you’d like to make an enquiry about our educational tours, please email education@liverpool-one.com. In your email, please specify a time and date for the tour, the number of students who’ll be attending, and a brief outline of the topics being studied by your students. This information will help our team prepare for your visit and make sure your students have a valuable learning experience whilst visiting Liverpool ONE.

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With so much to do at Liverpool ONE, make sure you don’t miss out by planning your day in advance. We have all the services to make your visit as easy as possible, including car parking and easy-to-follow store maps.

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