Charity Collections

Charity collections

Liverpool ONE would like to welcome back charity collections, safely in line with social distancing and the latest government regulations and guidance on COVID-19.

Please consult the government regulations here and details from Liverpool City Council here: https://liverpool.gov.uk/business/licences-and-permits/markets-and-street-trading-licences/charitable-collections/

Download Form

We’d love to hear from charities wishing to fundraise at Liverpool ONE. We need some details from you to process your booking. Please complete and submit this short online application form. Alternatively, you can download the form and email it to info@liverpool-one.com.

You will need to submit a risk assessment with your application detailing how you will mitigate all relevant COVID-19 risks and follow the guidance and regulations.

Please submit your request at least two weeks before the start date of your collection.

Charity collection guidelines

Permission to hold a charity collection means:

  • Your organisation can hold a bucket collection on the agreed time and date with a maximum of 6 volunteers in Liverpool ONE at any one time.


Please follow the latest Liverpool ONE and government regulations and guidance on COVID-19, in particular:

  • All charity collectors must wear a face mask at all times they are collecting in all areas of Liverpool ONE unless you are exempt.
  • Ensure 2m social distancing between volunteers, and between volunteers and public is maintained.


Collectors must stand separately in the 6 designated areas.

  • Collectors must not shout, sing, chant or raise their voices as these actions generate more aerosol spray which increases transmission of the virus.
  • Collectors should wash/sanitise their hands frequently, particular after handling any money or the collection bucket. The toilets on Wall Street in Liverpool ONE are open and are currently free to use.
  • Ensure you do not meet in in groups larger than the government permits.
  • Limit the duration of social interaction opportunities ie meetings with other collectors/volunteers as far as possible.
  • The organiser should ensure they keep the collectors’ contact details for the purpose of NHS Track and Trace.
  • Continue to take the other steps outlined in the goverment guidance, including preventing unwell people from attending, maintaining cleanliness, supporting contact tracing and other mitigating measures.


We are unable to grant permission for fundraising activities that involve:

  • Direct Debit sign-ups or other causes which require public details to be taken
  • Sale of raffle tickets
  • Sale of items with a fixed price
  • Any sale or distribution of food or drink


We ask charity collectors to not:

  • Bring additional structures such as tables, banners, pop up stands or similar
  • Hand out leaflets or put up posters
  • Stand directly outside our retailer’s doors (you should be positioned in the middle of the street)
  • Wear fancy dress or play music (unless permission has been granted in advance by Liverpool ONE)
  • Aggressively market your cause
  • Any political or religious speech


In line with Liverpool City Council’s charity collection guidelines:

  • Anyone under the age of 16 who volunteers as a charity collector must be accompanied by an adult
  • All collection boxes should be securely closed and sealed with charity name and number prominently displayed on the bucket
  • Collectors should be stationary, stood alone (unless they need a chaperone), at least 25m from another collector


You should also be aware:

  • Liverpool ONE’s car parks are privately owned and we’re unable to offer free parking
  • We are unable to hold, store or bank money collected
  • We are only able to grant permission for one charity to collect in Liverpool ONE per day


For charities wishing to combine a charity collection with a performance, please mention this when submitting your application form.

If you wish to collect in other parts of the city outside Liverpool ONE please apply for a license from Liverpool City Council as well as Liverpool ONE https://liverpool.gov.uk/business/licences-and-permits/markets-and-street-trading-licences/charitable-collections/

Charity Collection Form

  • Organisation responsible for charity collection

    (e.g. school, sports club, student union, NCS team, your employer) If yes, please complete the section below.
  • Recipient of funds raised

    Please provide details of the charity / appeal / organisations receiving the money you collected.
  • (e.g. £100 will be used to mean…?)
  • (if applicable)
  • Charity Collection Details

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • :
  • (Up to 6 collectors)
  • (please include handles)*
    By checking this box, you are declaring that you have read and will adhere to the guidelines outlined above. You are also certifying that the information included in this application form is accurate and the proceeds of your charity collection will be donated in full to the charity / appeal / organisation stated.





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