Due to the measures being implemented against the Coronavirus spreading, we had to review our busking policy.

After careful consideration, and in line with official Government advice, we have decided to stop facilitating busking applications and bookings.

The safety of our performers, staff and customers are our absolute priority.

The policy will be reviewed again in early December, in line with further Government announcements.

If you have any questions please email busk@liverpool-one.com


Due to Coronavirus restrictions and social distancing requirements we currently have 6 busking locations in Liverpool ONE, for more details please see the Liverpool ONE Busking map


  • John Lewis & Partners canopy, facing Sugar House Steps – suitable for 6 people
  • College Lane near Waterstones – Suitable for 2 people
  • Peter’s Square – suitable for 2 people
  • Paradise Street – suitable for 2 people
  • Chavasse Park under the canopy – suitable for 6 people
  • Thomas Steers Way – suitable for 6 people


All locations are currently acoustic, amplification is not permitted. We will review this as social distancing and Coronavirus regulations change and we can hopefully open up more busking locations.

To apply to become an official Liverpool ONE busker, please complete the online form below noting the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page.


Busking Application

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    All performers must be over 16 years of age.
  • If applicable
  • Please provide a video or sound recording of your performance so that we can assess your suitability for different areas within Liverpool ONE.
  • Please include number of people in band/group, equipment you need to bring, type of performance, amount of space needed.
    By ticking this box I accept the terms and conditions below. I hereby confirm that the information and particulars given above are correct and confirm that a member of the Liverpool ONE team or associated busking partner may contact me regarding my application.

Busking Terms and Conditions

You must not visit Liverpool ONE or busk here if you or anyone in you group has COVID-19, symptoms, a positive test result, have been asked to isolate by NHS Track and Trace, or are living with someone who has a possible or confirmed case of COVID-19.

Once approved as a busker at Liverpool ONE, you must book in advance to busk. Please book your preferred time(s) and location(s) in advance via email to busk@liverpool-one.com. Please email 3 days in advance to secure your slot, up to a maximum of 2 weeks in advance. You may not busk without booking in advance. The Information Centre is currently closed so we are unable to accept bookings by telephone or in person. Please see the map for locations. There are fewer locations than usual due to COVID-19 social distancing measures.

We operate 1 hour busking slots so buskers may play in a designated location for up to 1 hour then should change to another pre-booked location for the next hour, and so on during store opening hours. This is for the comfort and enjoyment of retail and leisure occupiers.

Performances may take place during Liverpool ONE’s retail opening hours which are:

Mon – Sat            10am -6pm

Sun                        11am – 5pm

2m social distancing must be maintained between each performer from a separate household or social bubble, and between performers and the audience. Please perform within the marked area.

The busking group must consist of no more than 6 people from separate households or social bubbles. Solo or duet performances may use any location. Larger groups (3 – 6 people) should book on Thomas Steers Way or Chavasse Park where there is more space for social distancing.

Amplification is not currently permitted anywhere in Liverpool ONE for busking. Tickle the Ivories piano performers at the Sugar House Steps only may use amplification for other instruments or vocals to accompany the piano.

Please note that we do not have capacity for solo singers/songwriters with backing tracks. While we’re unable to offer you a busking license in Liverpool ONE, you might want to consider performing in a different area of the city centre. Please click here for more information.

The performance must be a suitable volume to allow the audience to hear each other and speak at a normal conversational level without raising their voices when they are right next to the performance space, whether standing to watch or passing. This is due to the higher risk of droplet and aerosol transmission from raised voices. If your performance is too loud our Customer Support Team will ask you to turn the volume down and failure to do so will result in your permission to busk being revoked.

The nature of your performance should not encourage audience participation or communal activities within the audience such as dancing or singing. Please be mindful of what is happening around you and stop performing if an audience is building who are unable to maintain social distancing or if they are singing/dancing/shouting or undertaking other activities which may increase the risk of transmission.

Please keep the contact details of all performers in your group in case they are required for the NHS Track and Trace programme.

You may go straight to your performance area to start busking. If you cannot locate the space or have any problems please see a member of the Customer Support Team in a red jacket or a member of the Cleaning Team in blue.   The Liverpool ONE Information Centre is currently closed so for all enquiries regarding busking please email busk@liverpool-one.com. In an emergency please call 0151 232 3199.

Take breaks and do not repeat material on the same pitch. Repeating a limited number of songs or performances is one of the main causes of complaints. Moving to another location after finishing your set of songs will make complaints less likely.  If you take a break please do not leave any equipment unattended in the busking location.

The toilets on Wall Street in Liverpool ONE are open during retail hours and are currently free to use. Please ensure you wash or sanitise your hands after handing cash you have received.

Facemasks must be worn in the following areas in Liverpool ONE:

  • All stores
  • Toilets
  • In cafes, bars or restaurant for when going in to purchase takeaway items and pre-ordered collections.
  • In cafes, bars or restaurants when dining in, at all times apart from when you are seated eating and drinking at your table. You should wear a mask when arriving, going to your table, leaving and when moving around the restaurant to visit the toilet.
  • ODEON cinema, Junkyard Golf
  • The Galleria outside The ODEON
  • Enclosed walkways to/from the car parks

There is no vehicle access to the busking locations. You must be able to carry everything that is part of your performance. Our car parks are run by an external operator, Q Park, so we unfortunately cannot provide any free parking. Details of parking can be found here https://www.liverpool-one.com/plan-your-visit/parking/

Liverpool ONE is not responsible for any performers’ equipment.  Performers should not leave any instruments/equipment unattended at any time.  No equipment may be left on site overnight.

Performances must not contain anything which could place any person or property at risk of harm or damage.  Performers must consider public safety at all times. All equipment must be kept tidy within the busking location to ensure there are no trip hazards or dangers to visitors.

Please be careful not to obstruct any store entrances or cause congestion in any part of Liverpool ONE.  All store entrances/exits must be kept clear with neither the performer, equipment, nor the audience hindering access to a store.  If congestion occurs the performer may be asked to stop to allow any crowd to disperse.

You are performing in a public area, please ensure your conduct and performance is appropriate for a family audience and does not contain any material/lyrics which may cause offence. All performances must take place within the static busking space and may not move around in different areas of the street or around Liverpool ONE.

You may receive monetary appreciation from members of the public.  However please note that it is the responsibility of each performer to make appropriate submissions to the Inland Revenue and National Insurance. Guidance can be found on the Inland Revenue website at www.hmrc.gov.uk/startingup

If you wish to collect for charity please send a letter of authorisation from the charity including the registered charity’s number with your booking.

Sales of products such as CDs/photographs are not permitted.  You may have flyers available for visitors to pick up from your instrument case but they must not be actively handed out due to Liverpool City Council byelaws.

You should not aggressively market your cause, or do any religious or political speeches.

Performers must follow instructions given by the Liverpool ONE Team.

Please be aware that we may have photographers or film crews capture your performance. Busking locations are in a public place, as such, any member of the public may wish to record your performance or photograph you.

Permission to busk at Liverpool ONE is based on the videos/sound clips provided at the time of application.  If the actual performance differs from what has been agreed (in terms of number of people, content, equipment) performers may need to reapply for permission to busk. Your permission to busk at Liverpool ONE is non-transferable to other performers/friends who must apply themselves if they would like to busk here.

Liverpool ONE may contact you via email or phone occasionally to invite you to busk at particular events so please keep your contact details up to date with us.

Liverpool ONE may withdraw busking permissions at any time based on government advice, regulations or further lockdown.

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