At the core of ONE Community is a commitment to acheiving more by working together.

Through our various community initiative we work with hundreds of charity collectors, local artists, buskers, and community groups to engage and inspire our visitors and wider community. As a result of our collaboration, we can have an ever more positive influence in our city, making it an better place to live, visit and spend time.


Success Stories

Liverpool ONE is located at the heart of city. We’re an essential part of local people’s daily lives and for many visitors, their time in the city will include a visit to one of our stores, bars or restaurants. We understand that our success relies on all our visitors having a world-class experience and we work tirelessly to ensure Liverpool ONE offers a unique and entertaining experience.

We also understand that success is multifaceted and comes with a responsibility to the local community and the environment in which we operate. Over the years. we’ve sought to showcase the organisations and charities who are breathing life into our city. We share our success by providing a platform for charities to reach a wider audience and have an ever greater impact by raising funds, awareness and profile of their organisation on the streets of Liverpool ONE.

Whether it’s bucket collections, or our immensely talented buskers, choirs and local artists showcasing their talents; our community initiatives aim to celebrate our city’s vibrancy and our community spirit.


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