Red’s True BBQ Halloween competition

Red’s True BBQ Halloween competition

29/10/2018 - 30/10/2018

As part of the Spooktacular event, Red’s will be offering our Little Red’s diners a chance to take part in the Red’s BOO Barbecue Halloween Pumpkin Challenge!

Between now and Tuesday 30 October, every child who dines with us will receive a colouring page, to design and create their ultimate Halloween pumpkin. The winner will be decided and announced on Wednesday 31 October, the scariest day of the year…. The winner’s pumpkin will be carved and put on display in restaurant for all to see – and will also feature on our Red’s True Barbecue Liverpool Facebook page. The winner will be invited to collect their Pumpkin along with their prize.

What’s the prize? The Winner of the BOO Barbecue Halloween Pumpkin Challenge will receive a Family Pass for 50% off their bill* when they next eat at Red’s.


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