L’Occitane: 10% off recycling programme

L'Occitane 10% off

Respect for the environment is at the heart of L’OCCITANE.

From the creation of our formulas to the development of our packaging, L’OCCITANE tries to limit environmental impacts where ever possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with TerraCycle® to provide a collection and recycling programme for our customers to be able to simply recycle their empties at any of the L’OCCITANE boutiques.

Every year, millions of beauty and skincare packaging end up in dumpsters and landfills. We are working with TerraCycle® to put an end to this enormous loss of resources.

Participating is completely free and very easy:

  • Go to L’Occitane in Liverpool ONE
  • Bring in your empty beauty and skin care products from L’Occitane or ANY BEAUTY BRAND to be recycled*
  • Receive 10% OFF a new full-sized product*

Beauty packaging such as lip balm tubes, makeup remover bottles and pumps, fragrances bottles and pumps, and deodorant sticks. Skin care packaging such as face mask packaging, refill pouches, and dispensers and tubes for soap, facial cleansers and body lotions. Hair care packaging such as pumps and caps from shampoo and conditioner bottles, hair care dispensers and containers, hair product trigger heads, and refill pouches.

Waste Not Accepted: Aerosols, Glass Bottles, Glass Tubs, Glass Moistuiser Jars. Max. 10 items, must be washed and dried