YO! Sushi Squad Member

YO! Sushi Squad Member

Throughout the day you might find yourself on the restaurant floor playing host, in the Kitchen cutting fish, running the hot section, completing takeaway orders or working in our back up areas putting away deliveries, washing pots and keeping everything shipshape!

You can cook rice, roll sushi and are passionate about giving our guests the best YO! experience possible! Wherever your assigned to work in the restaurant on a particular shift you are able to interact with our guests and help out all the other parts of the shift as you can quickly assist in the hot section to get orders out timely, or roll some sushi for a big Deliveroo order!

Apply online at www.indeed.co.uk – select YO! and Liverpool.

Job Details

  • Closing Date: 28/08/2020
  • Hours: Full Time
  • Permanent

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