Win a Liverpool ONE Gift Card!

Win a Liverpool ONE Gift Card!

Tuesday 16 March 2021

If your birthday falls between 23 March – 11 April, we feel for you. While the country has been staying home and saying safe, you’ve spent two birthdays in lockdown!

To cheer you up, we’re giving you the chance to win a £100 Liverpool ONE Gift Card to treat yourself when we reopen.

All you have to do is sign up to our newsletter and wait for the entry link to hit your inbox. If you’re already signed up, great! You’ll receive your link to enter the competition between 23 March – 11 April.


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About the Liverpool ONE Gift Card

Writing your birthday gift list? Ask for the Liverpool ONE Gift Card!

The Liverpool ONE Gift Card is the perfect gift for every occasion! Redeemable at over 160 of our brands, lucky recipients can treat themselves to whatever they like. The opportunities for spending includes shops, restaurants, getting your hair done, going to see a movie, grabbing a coffee… the list is endless! You choose where you spend, so there’ll always be something that catches your eye. And with shops and restaurants reopening soon*, plus Mother’s Day and Easter coming up, it’s a perfect time to give, and receive!

* The earliest date Liverpool ONE will reopen, following government advice, is 12 April. However, this is dependent on data showing reductions of Covid-19 transmission in our communities. We thank you for playing your part to keep us all safe so we can get back to the things, and people, we love again.

Click here to buy, or visit one of our vending machines at Liverpool ONE.

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