Things to do with the kids in lockdown

Things to do with the kids in lockdown

Friday 3 April 2020

During lockdown we’re all doing our bit by staying at home, but by now, the kids must be getting quite…animated!

Those of us with kids are grateful for unending ideas on what to do to keep their minds active when stuck at home, and local journalist and mum Kate Reilly-James has been sharing some brilliant ideas. Give some of these a go, and follow her on Twitter for more fun kids activities!

Back garden bingo

Set the kids off on a fun nature trail in your very own garden or home. Draw up some bingo sheets using familiar garden or household items that can be ticked off once found, and award a prize to the winner. Even better, make things a little trickier depending on how much or little time you’d like them to be occupied!

garden bingo cards with example slide, rake, spider

Mini Jackson Pollocks

Getting messy and creative is bound to be a winner with cooped-up kids. Peg a couple of old sheets on the washing line – you’ll definitely want this one to be outdoors only – and get to work creating your own Jackson Pollock inspired artworks by using chunky brushes and poster paints to make colourful marks. If you’re worried about your grass, lay down some cardboard or another old sheet.

paintings hanging up on the washing line

Robot Wars

There’s a wealth of materials to make stuff with, and it’s all in your recycling box. Get the kids cutting and gluing together boxes and bottles to make robots (careful with sharp edges). Kate’s kids have made their robots mobile by securing them to skateboards. Best part about this is, there’s hours of fun to be had – and it can all go back in the recycling afterwards!

kids playing with materials to make robots on the grass

Window art for the NHS

Everyone was moved by #clapforcarers recently, where the country clapped the NHS and our front-line workers to thank them for keeping us safe. A brilliant way to help kids understand, as well as showing your gratitude for all to see, is to get them to create window art. Loads of people have been creating rainbows, too – and guess what? A bit of doodling and colouring in makes you feel good, even if you’re a grown-up.

kids standing in front of artwork to support the nhs

Kate Reilly-James is a local journalist, writer and content creator. She presents on Everton FC fan podcast The Blue Room. Visit her website here and follow her on Twitter.

a woman with three kids in fancy dress

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