Styling tips for the Grand National

Styling tips for the Grand National

With race season nearly upon us, we decided to share our six top styling tips for the races to help you feel and look your best.

Be yourself and own your style

There is nothing more chic than a woman who owns her look and is comfortable in her own skin. Take inspiration from others, but the people who look their best are always the ones who feel their best.

Take note of the terrain

The races might feel like a catwalk with all those stylish people jostling for position, but it certainly isn’t built like one! Avoid stiletto heels which won’t cut it on gravel or grass. Try a wedge or platform for style and comfort.

Get the help of a personal shopper

Not sure what suits you or worried you can’t carry a certain style off? Try a personal shopper who will work with you and what you like, but also push you to try something you might never have thought of before.

Even better, they’re a free (and amazing!) resource in Topshop, John Lewis, Monsoon and Debenhams.

Don’t forget the weather

There’s nothing like a little rain to ruin your look. If you can, pop a mini umbrella in your bag and plan your outfit with a cover-up so you can decide on the day.

Don’t forget your silhouette

For the ultimate in confidence, splurge on good quality and well-fitted lingerie to help create a seamless look. Literally.

Plan your beauty routine

Spend as much time on beauty as you do for your outfit. Try and test your beauty routine beforehand or, even better, leave it to the professionals! Book a hair appointment or make-up slot with us so you can be sure to be looking your best.

Looking for more inspiration for the races? Read our full guide here.


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