RISE Together with Culture Liverpool

RISE Together with Culture Liverpool

Monday 1 June 2020

In 2019, Culture Liverpool commissioned RISE; a season of commissions, exhibitions, events and happenings exploring and telling the stories of women in all their power and glory, through a cultural lens. Featuring women from Liverpool, the UK and the rest of the world, RISE shone a light on those females whose legacy educates, empowers and inspires us and future generations.

The RISE programme was ongoing for 2020 but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has, as with other events and activities, brought it to a halt for now. However, as women, surely we have something to say about current events, the impact they’re having on our everyday lives and those of others around us and our communities, the impact this will have on our work, our families, our arts and cultural organisations now and in the future. How will we RISE out of this situation?

Culture Liverpool have produced a specially curated programme for RISE which once again showcases the fantastic talent, creativity and the female strength and spirit. The programme is a social commentary on social inequalities, isolation, and how this has become the new norm through loss and separation. The stories are told through the eyes of female artists of different ages and backgrounds and brings them visibility through a digital platform of podcast, blogs, music, visual art, and comedy.

Click here to enjoy the Culture Liverpool RISE Together programme.

RISE has been curated by Liverpool City Council and funded by Arts Council England.

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