Restaurants to Try This Weekend

Restaurants to Try This Weekend

It's pay day weekend - woo! Wash away the blues, put the gym on hold indefinitely and celebrate with an amazing weekend of dining.

The choice of restaurants in Liverpool ONE has grown massively over the last few years. With so many new menus, specials and offers, there’s never been a better time to dine out. Check out our list of five places you have to try this weekend.

Yard & Coop

You can find this hidden gem on Hanover Street. The king of fried chicken, this restaurant is perfect for food and drinks with friends. Try the Coop Kebab (£9) or the Wrapper’s Delight (£9) and unwind with a tasty cocktail or five!

Cosy Club

Head down to Paradise Street to find the stunning Cosy Club. They’ve got an amazing range of sandwiches, burgers and tapas to try, plus their menu’s won vegan awards so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

yard-cosyYard & Coop || Cosy Club


Located on the corner of Hanover Street and College Lane, Lunya has established itself as a firm favourite with diners. Get the party started this weekend and take advantage of their huge selection of Spanish wines!

Lunya LiverpoolLunya, Hanover Street


If you love Mexican, you have to go to Wahaca. The College Lane restaurant offers fresh and authentic food that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Mexico. They also have a cool roof top bar, perfect for drinks with friends.

Turtle Bay

2-4-1 cocktails with some tasty Caribbean food? Yes, please! This Hanover Street restaurant has recently updated its already expansive cocktail list. You can sample them 12-7pm every day and get another one at no extra cost – talk about value for money!

Wahaca turtle bayWahaca, College Lane || Turtle Bay, Hanover Street


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