Raising awareness on young people’s Mental Health

Raising awareness on young people’s Mental Health

Monday 20 September 2021

Liverpool ONE's ongoing commitment to support young people's mental health and wellbeing.

As part of Youth Mental Health Day, that took place on Wednesday 7 September, Liverpool ONE teamed up with three local charities – Conquer Life, Comics Youth and the Open Door Charity – which are all dedicated to improving and maintaining youngsters’ mental wellbeing.

The three organisations, which are all funded by the Liverpool ONE Foundation, brought a series of activities across the estate, helping to shine a light on the importance of mental health in young people and how it has been affected against the backdrop of the pandemic.


Conquer Life hosted a ‘worry jar’ workshop at Waterstones on College Lane, encouraging children to talk about their anxieties. They also invited young people to share their wellbeing tips and advice on a special whiteboard-style mural on the escalator glass opposite John Lewis.

The whiteboard proved to be very popular among young people aged 8-18 and opened up a lot of discussions, with 84 young people sharing their tips for self-care. Conquer Life’s youth workers were able to engage 78 young people in discussions about mental health, that resulted in 6 referrals to their services.


Comics Youth, which provides creative workshops to marginalised and disadvantaged young people, created two wall vinyls – one in lower South John Street opposite Sports Direct entrance and one on College Lane near Starbucks – as part of a city-wide trail, ‘Safe Space’.

The trail combines an art exhibition across public spaces with a podcast, aiming to provide a tour of Liverpool city centre that highlights safe spaces handpicked by young, commissioned artists.


Completing the trio of charity support, the Open Door Charity was also present inside The Body Shop to promote good mental health and wellbeing practices for young people aged 15-30, and invited them to try their immersive virtual reality mindfulness experience.

The charity staff engaged with different customers about the services they provide and introduced them to the VR experience. In addition to their main demographic (20-30 y/o), they were approached by some adults (40-50 y/o) enquiring about their services, some for their children but also for themselves – as Open Door’s ‘Colours’ programme is geared towards supporting parents with stress management and supporting their children.


Merseyside Youth Associations RAISE Team, one of the Liverpool CAMHS partners, participated with a workshop around ‘Mind Apples’, inviting young people to focus not only on their physical health, but on their mental health too. The workshop was centered on which “5 a day” are needed for our mental health, and sign posting where parents and carers can access free bitesize mental health training.

The RAISE team delivers mental health workshops to children and young people, and training to parents, carers and professionals looking after or working with them. They were able to reach out to young people and their families, having some good conversations with the public on the day.



Also, as part of Liverpool ONE’s commitment to support young people’s mental health and wellbeing, some of the Liverpool ONE team received training in Mental Health First Aid for Young People from MHFA England on 6/7 September.

The training aims at teaching the skills and confidence to spot the signs of mental health issues in a young person, offer first aid and guide them towards the support they need. By learning how to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis – the trained Liverpool ONE team can potentially stop a crisis from happening.



Donna Howitt, Place Strategy Director at Liverpool ONE, said: “The pandemic has, undoubtedly, impacted many people’s mental health, but particularly that of young people.

As we know, their routines of school, college or university have been turned upside down and they’ve had to deal with feelings of isolation as they were unable to spend time with friends, so we are pleased to have played a role in Youth Mental Health Day.

The charities we have partnered with, which are all funded by the Liverpool ONE Foundation, have been chosen by us due to their sheer dedication and passion for improving and protecting the wellbeing of young people. We’re incredibly grateful the charities which are joining forces with us and we’re confident that we can help make a difference to local young people’s mental health.”


According to research from charity Young Minds, loneliness and isolation; concerns about school or college; and a breakdown in routine were highlighted as the main pressures during the most recent lockdown. The survey, which was carried out with more than 2,400 people aged 13-25 earlier this year, found that 75% of respondents found the latest lockdown the harder than previous ones, while 67% believed the pandemic would have a long-term negative effect on their mental health.

Youth Mental Health Day aims to encourage understanding and discussion of mental health in young people, enabling them to live happier, healthier lives all year round.



Liverpool ONE Foundation

The Liverpool ONE Foundation has been investing in community projects that promote positive mental health and wellbeing amongst our city’s young people.

Our partners at Community Foundation for Merseyside (CFM) manage the Liverpool ONE Foundation on our behalf. Over the past 4 years, they have supported nearly 128,00 children and young people.

As part of its core work, the Liverpool ONE Foundation invests in community projects that promote positive mental health among the city’s young people, with more than £2.5 million having been donated by the Foundation, £240,000 of which has been given to 10 organisations this year.



Conquer Life

Conquer Life’s mission is to promote a positive lifestyle and empower young people to raise their aspirations and build emotional resilience.

We believe that the work we deliver is both innovative and progressive, applying youthwork principles in creative new ways to achieve positive outcomes for our young people.  Every activity we deliver has a purpose aligned to our alternative curriculum for youth development. This includes areas such as Problem Solving, Communication and Building Relationships.

“Investing in the mental health of our young people is so important for both raising awareness and providing pathways to support” – Sharon Devine, VIBE Project Manager


Conquer Life has received funding from Liverpool ONE Foundation since 2018.

In 2020, they received £29,800 to be distributed over two years to support delivery of their mental health activities, including mentoring group for teenagers, Delta Youth Club focusing on positive body image and self esteem, Mindfulness workshops in local primary schools and early intervention projects working with children aged 8 – 12 to build emotional resiliency and wellness.



Comics Youth

Comics Youth CIC is a multi-national award-winning organisation providing a variety of wellbeing and creative workshops to marginalised and disadvantaged young people across the Liverpool City Region including looked after children, Special Education Needs and Disability young people, LGBTQIA+ youth, and those experiencing mental ill-health. Led by youth, for youth, we produce a number of projects that facilitate the creation of artwork and writing in the form of comic books, zines, blogs, poetry jams, and podcasts with an aim to elevate underrepresented youth voices. We provide a platform of catharsis and expression for marginalised lived experiences via art and writing.


Comics Youth has received funding from Liverpool ONE Foundation since 2016.

In 2020, they received £25,000 to be distributed over two years to develop an ‘LGBT+ Me’ comics label, specifically devoted to educating, raising awareness, and tackling stigma associated with being an LGBTQIA young person today. It will aim to educate parents, guardians, and the wider community on how to better support the mental health of LGBTQIA youth aged 8-13 from escalating.



Open Door

Open Door is an award winning charity, designed by young people for the benefit of young people aged 15-30.  The charity began as a start-up 9 years ago. They are now the largest independent provider of talking therapies on Wirral, now supporting over 1000 young adults with our 1 to 1 therapeutic support services each year.

The charity has grown significantly in recent years, forging new partnerships and working relationships across the public, private and third sectors. Despite this they have remained true to their core principles – free of waiting lists, the most innovative voice in mental health in Wirral, and the leading arts destination of its kind in the area. They are ambitious and see the next step in their development to share our learning, impact, interventions and message across a national footprint.


The Liverpool ONE Foundation has supported the Open Door Charity since 2013 in the form of four grants and a recent contract to deliver a Bazaar Community Pilot with a funding of £10,000.

Bazaar, a Marketplace for the Mind, blends elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and more to help young people and young adults aged 15-30 understand their mind.



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