Open Door Centre: mental health guide for parents

Open Door Centre: mental health guide for parents

Tuesday 9 March 2021

From 1 - 7 February is Children's Mental Health week, and organisations have been sharing tips on how to support children through emotional difficulties.

It’s been tough for everyone for the past 12 months. Although children are experts at adapting to change, it’s clear to all that missing out on some of the most important events in children’s lives, like school and seeing friends and family, is bound to take its toll emotionally.

The Open Door Centre, a charity based on the Wirral, was created by young people and for young people. They specialise in supporting mental health initiatives, providing creative therapeutic sessions and helping people with the tools they need to live a mentally healthy life.

To support Children’s Mental Health awareness week, they’ve put together this useful guide for parents. Advice includes what to look out for, and how to help.

Click here to download the guide.

The Open Door Centre is a beneficiary of The Liverpool ONE Foundation, supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing with funding grants to local community groups and charities. Find out more by clicking here.

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