We love Noel’s shirts!

We love Noel’s shirts!

Other than the baking, one of the best bits of the British Bake-Off is wondering which patterned shirt the fabulous Noel Fielding will choose to wear that week. In tribute to the man and the shirt, we found some of the best versions at Liverpool ONE. Now all you need is cake...


Reiss shirt

You won’t be able to stop looking at your man if he’s wearing these beautiful blooms! Tone down this Reiss shirt by wearing it under a dinner jacket to give just a hint of the pattern. Though, why would you want to?


Ted Baker

Ted Baker Panther Shirt

Noel’s no stranger to an animal print – that is, a print with pictures of animals. In a subtler way (believe it or not), this Ted Baker slimline shirt also checks off the leopard print trend – you’ll just have done it in your own unique way, like Noel!


Pretty Green

Pretty Green Shirt

Of course, everyone deserves a day off from shirts, including Noel. This Pretty Green x Beatles polo shirt is still gloriously patterned but can be dressed down with jeans and a pair of Pretty Green’s stunning new Veras suede boots.



Topman shirt

If you’re going to do it, you should probably go the whole hog! Noel himself would be proud of donning this Topman lucky shirt, probably even more so if you were to wear it actually during Bake-Off in a show of shirt solidarity!


Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Shirt Blouse

Who says men should have all the fun? This Urban Outfitters blouse has it all: colour, florals, pattern… just, err, maybe decide between you who is wearing the Noel shirt today? You wouldn’t want to clash!


Click here for information on where to source the best Noel’s shirts in the home of designer style, Peter’s Lane.

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