Liverpool ONE’s best restaurants for vegetarian food

Liverpool ONE’s best restaurants for vegetarian food

Friday 3 May 2019

These days, Liverpool’s veggies are spoilt for choice, with a range of top-notch restaurants featuring delicious meat-free menus.

So, if you’re thinking of going herbivore like a brachiosaurus one day a week (Meat Free Mondays, anyone?) or for a lifetime, here are our top picks of where to eat.

Byron Burger

Get your T-Rex on and think ‘big juicy burger joint’ but don’t worry if you’re a plant-eating T-Rex, these guys have got veggie-friendly options too (and they’re just as juicy as their meat counterparts!).

Try their V-Rex burger for a jurassic-sized meal of champions!

Cosy Club

Good luck picking between the veggie options that Cosy Club has on offer… Be tempted by Thai green vegetable curry or their Camembert, sticky onion and roasted tomato tart.

The diplodocus in us is especially fired up by, wait for it… macaroni cheese with truffled kale. We LOVE truffle.


These guys have delivered, not just for the veggies, but for the vegans too! Start your meal with edamame and steamed buns stuffed with mushrooms and aubergine, before chomping on vegan katsu curry.

If you’re still hungry for more, get the yasai steamed goyza as a side and wash it all down with a little sake.

Las Iguanas

Veggie tapas doesn’t have to be just olives and bread (though we’ll have plenty of those as well, please!). Head to Las Iguanas for a veggie tapas selection big enough to satisfy any Jurassic belly!

Chow down on cheese and mango empanadas, crispy cauliflower bites, dadinhos (crispy cubes of cheese!), mushroom quesadilla and halloumi skewers. Delish.

Yard and Coop

We know, we know, Yard + Coop is famously a chicken joint. However, don’t miss out on their ‘not chicken nuggets’ – that’s crumb-coated halloumi to you and me. Cover them in BBQ sauce, blue cheese sauce, Korean sauce or ranch and stuff your dino face.


Oh Lunya, the Catalonian food place of our dreams. Their cheese platter is calling our name! Pair this with veggie bites like deep fried aubergine, piquillo peppers and cauliflower buñuelos and you’re onto a winner. Or, share a big bowl of paella with someone you love – it’s a guaranteed winner for any vegetarians out there.

And there you have it! So whether you’re on the rampage for a veggie dish for a meal or a lifetime, Liverpool ONE has plenty of options to suit your plant tooth.

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