Nurturing the environment

Nurturing the environment

How Liverpool ONE nurtures the Liverpool City Region environment and beyond

Supporting and improving the environment and surrounding communities is at the forefront of Liverpool ONE’s agenda all year round. So, to mark World Environment Day – Saturday 5th June – we have put together some of our favourite energy-preserving projects and strategies.

From waste recycling to bee conservation and even the installation of a green wall, we’re committed to taking steps to improve the quality of not only our surroundings, but also the environment for future generations.


Starting quite literally at the top, Liverpool ONE’s resident honeybees, who arrived in 2019, have thrived on the roof tops of the buildings in Liverpool, following a full forage availability survey by an expert urban beekeeper. The honey harvested has since been donated and we continue to promote the importance of supporting bees in the city and educating people within our region of their importance.

Keeping in line with our efforts to champion bee conservation and bio-diversity, our very own “Support for Pollinators Project” launched in 2018. The project encourages and increases pollinator-friendly habitats and food sources through the implementation of a wide range of practical measures, which include consultations with expert ecologists and careful consideration for any pesticides used.


The programme has overseen eco-friendly adaptations to maintenance and landscaping on Chavasse Park, starting with employee training for horticultural staff on pruning techniques to protect – and promote – flowering. Careful consideration is taken for insect nests, reporting to expert staff instead of a pest controller.

Other actions of the project have included using pollinator-friendly plants for new and replacement planting, while allowing weed growth for weeds that act as the main larvae food plants. Finally, benefiting both the insects and preservation of energy, lights are turned off in safely permissible areas of the estate that benefit moth pollination and feeding.


The upcoming green wall, which will be installed on Chavasse Park in September, is part of the Urban GreenUP project that has pipeline plans for several cities and districts, including Liverpool ONE. The installation is being overseen by The Mersey Forest, a growing network of woodlands and green spaces across Cheshire and Merseyside.

Urban GreenUP, a five-year European Horizon 2020 funded project, aims to reduce pollution, improve bio-diversity, help to reduce flood risk and improve water quality, with Liverpool as one of the lead cities. With up to 25 partners involved across Europe, it looks at installing natural environment features to support the integration of nature-based solutions (NBS) into the existing fabric of the city.

The wall will host several species of plants that will attract pollinators, such as bees, moths and flies, as well as birds which, in turn, increases the variety of life in the environment. The Mersey Forest Team are currently undergoing trips around Chavasse Park and the estate looking at what wildlife is present, using an app to capture the different species, whether that’s plants, bugs, insects or birds. The app, iNaturalist, logs how many different species are found at Liverpool ONE


The more obvious, but equally as important, energy-saving habits we have adopted over the years are energy-saving lightbulbs across the estate, extra measures such as escalators slowing down when not in use, and a sustainable recycling system.

As the first outdoor shopping centre in the UK, managing waste recycling is something that has been ongoing at Liverpool ONE for many years, creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for the volumes of waste, left behind from customers. With a commitment to diverting waste from landfill, waste disposal teams manage the recycling of every single retailer at Liverpool ONE.


In a joined-up approach to committing efforts towards improving the environmental sustainability of the area, Liverpool ONE is also supporting the surrounding communities through other programmes. These include the Liverpool ONE Foundation, which has donated £2.5m in community projects, and the ONE Community which is devoted to enhancing community wellbeing. Supporting communities to not only help individuals thrive, but to help enhance the overall environmental impact of our city region.

Our environmental initiatives aim to preserve energy and enhance sustainability through focusing on responsible management and schemes that encourage us to reuse, recycle and change our behaviour to reduce our consumption of nature resources. So, join us in promising to positively impact the Liverpool City Region and see what you could be doing to help the community today: https://www.liverpool-one.com/one-community/

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