Learn our Christmas song

Learn our Christmas song

Learn the lyrics to our very own Christmas song! 

Written by Paul Lawton from Liverpool Empire Theatre, this exciting song will easily get you into the Christmas mood.”We’ve written this amazing new song with the help of Paul Lawton, our fantastic musical director, and it really is a special song and we can’t wait to sing it!” said Natalie Flynn, the Creative Learning Manager at Liverpool Empire Theatre. Learn the lyrics below!

Waiting for Christmas to Arrive
© Paul Lawton 2017


We are putting on our hats and scarves
Lights will shine bright when it starts to get dark
The moon is watching, and waiting for a sleigh
Here on this hopeful day

Children are smiling
Presents are piling
It’s getting closer now
But we can’t wait ‘til then
Somebody please tell me when

Tonight, the whole world is sleeping
We all have to wait ‘til the morning
And then, at last the day is here
But tonight, all the children are dreaming
Christmas is soon to be dawning
But we can’t wait ‘til then
Waiting for Christmas to arrive

But we can’t wait ‘til then
Waiting for Christmas to arrive



Enjoy Christmas at Liverpool ONE, from shopping to dining and everything inbetween. Join us this season for a host of festive fun.We’ve got tons of fantastic  entertainment lined up, including choir performances,  delicious food and drink, exciting rides and of course our iconic tree!  Find out more about what’s on here.

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